OPPTIMO is a task, people and operations management platform on the cloud with mobile compatibility that provides real time visibility to enhance productivity & efficiency in the workplace. OPPTIMO covers all operational activities and non-operational activities, say, for example, the simple task of fixing a machine.

OPPTIMO enables users to schedule tasks and can be tracked in real-time. Since OPPTIMO is cloud & web-based solution, the management can monitor & handle operations even when travelling. OPPTIMO also offers heaps of benefits to employees such as easy quick communication, reports, monitoring task time, prioritizing, scheduling, setting milestones, setting alerts & notifications, real time collaboration, to-do lists, basic leave management and so on. Quickly deployable, OPPTIMO is a cost-effective SaaS Solution that is easy to learn. OPPTIMO brings clarity, fosters collaboration, helps detect bottlenecks and drives efficiency and overall productivity.

We transform the way the world does business, digitally

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