OPPTIMO is a task, people and operations management platform on the cloud with mobile compatibility that provides real time visibility to enhance productivity & efficiency in the workplace.

Benefiting both Employees & Management

Benefitting both Employees & Management
  • Managers


    OPPTIMO enables the management to keep
    track of what employees are doing.

  • Employees


    OPPTIMO helps employees organize and schedule
    their operational and non-operational activities.

  • I level Management

    HR Personnel

    Thanks to OPPTIMO, HR personnel can evaluate
    employees’ contributions & handle leave approval, etc.

  • Top Management

    Marketing Personnel

    OPPTIMO assists marketing personnel in implementing project plans and scheduling operations to meet or beat the deadlines.

Opptimo Text Induces High Performance
With Great Functionalities

  • Live Operation

    Live Operations’ Visibility & Monitoring

    Ability to monitor the staff at work and keep track of what’s going on even when you’re not physically present in the office

  • Faster Decision

    Faster Decision Making

    Accelerate the decision-making process and dispel confusions to drive efficiency & productivity.

  • Task Management & Optimization

    Task Management & Optimization

    Optimize resource utilization and streamline operations to cut down on cost and & step up revenue

  • Easy System Implementation

    Easy System Implementation

    Quick, easy, cost-effective deployment with minimal learning curve and complete data protection

Energizing Operations in Multiple Ways

Highly Secured

Embedded with Excellent Security Features is Embedded with Excellent Security Features

OPPTIMO offers daily encrypted backups, access control via SSL and robust firewall system that keeps you comfortable as your data is being protected and regularly backed up.

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Manage Projects on the go with OPPTIMO Mobile Apps

Manage Projects on the go with Manage Projects on the go with OPPTIMO Mobile Apps Mobile Apps

Rest assured that you can monitor and stay connected with your team on your smartphone anywhere you go

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  • Saman Kumara

    Saman Kumara IT Consultant/ BPO Co-ordinator
    Foundation of Goodness

    "We find OPPTIMO to be an excellent platform for managing people, projects and tasks optimally. After we started using it, we could learn instantaneously which project each one of our team was working on at any given time, the number of man-hours gone into a particular project..."

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  • Chamira Morawaka

    Chamira Morawaka Manager- Human Resources
    PACE Institute Pvt Ltd

    "OPPTIMO provides a multidimensional view to manage the work force. The simplicity of the software makes it easy to introduce to the new employees and removes the hassle of lengthy training sessions and effort needed to get familiar with the system...."

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