• Where is our data stored?

    Your data is stored in the highly secured data centres of Rackspace, one of the world's leading hosting provider.

  • Who can access our data?

    Apart from you, only the authorized data center administrator(s) can access your data. All the data is saved in 128 bit AES encryption.

  • How can we trust that our data is secured?

    OPPTIMO takes the security and privacy of your data extremely seriously.

    All data is transferred using a 128 bit AES encryption and is stored on Rackspace Cloud servers, the most comprehensive and reliable cloud server provider available on the internet.

  • What about our contact details?

    Your information will not be sold to anyone. Information will be collected only for our internal use. Your contact details will remain confidential. See our privacy policy for more information.

Support & System Requirements

  • What are the system requirements for using this application?

    OPPTIMO is supported on all the latest major browsers.

    JavaScript should be enabled before it can be run.

  • What are the available resources to learn this application?

    There is an in-built help section in the system. Apart from that, kindly visit Product Tour page to learn how OPPTIMO works.


  • Can we try before purchase?

    Yes. A free trial of OPPTIMO will be provided to you so that you can find out if OPPTIMO works for your orgnization

  • Can you create a custom plan for us?

    Yes, it's possible. Please contact the OPPTIMO Team to find out more information through [email protected]

  • What happens after our subscription expires?

    You can always renew the subscription or change / upgrade the plan of your choice.

  • How can we upgrade our subscription plan?

    Simply contact us through [email protected] or through our website or social media or any other channel and let us know your requirement.

  • Is there any job count limitation?

    No there is no job count limitation.

  • How can we renew our current subscription plan?

    Simply contact us through [email protected], through our website or social media or any other channel and let us know your requirement.

  • How do we cancel our current OPPTIMO subscription?

    Just drop an email to [email protected] and let us know if you want to cancel the account.

  • What are the additional charges involved in addition to our monthly/annual plan?

    There won't be any additional charges other than the Monthly/Annual Subscription fee.

  • Is there any long term subscription plan?

    Yes, there is. Also, note that discounts will be granted to anyone who opts for a long term subscription plan.


  • Can we get our existing data at the end of our subscription period?

    Yes. Kindly request for the data via OPPTIMO customer support ([email protected])

  • What are the available data export formats?

    Data can be exported in CSV, Spreadsheet, iCalendar formats.

  • Can we integrate this with our existing information systems?

    Yes. OPPTIMO has an in-built, secure API which can be used to integrate your existing information systems with it. Kindly contact OPPTIMO technical team ([email protected]) for more details.

  • Can we implement OPPTIMO within an intranet?

    Yes. For that, you have to purchase OPPTIMO enterprise edition.

  • How can we import our employee details from the existing system?

    You can import data using a CSV file.

  • Are cookies required to log in to OPPTIMO?

    Yes. You need to enable cookies for your OPPTIMO URL. But, you do not need to enable any third-party cookies.


  • Is OPPTIMO multilingual?

    Yes. OPPTIMO is available in English, French and Dutch. For other languages, please contact OPPTIMO support team.

  • What can we do if one of our employees quits the company?

    You can block that particular employee from accessing the system.

  • Who can use this application?

    OPPTIMO can be used by any office employee from the clerical staff to C-Level executives and anybody in between.

  • Can we access OPPTIMO on a smartphone?

    Yes. OPPTIMO comes with iOS and Android apps.

  • Are we required to have a corporate email address for each user?

    That's not necessary and any email address can be used to create and use an OPPTIMO account.

  • Can we resell our OPPTIMO account?

    No. Currently you are not allowed to resell it.

  • Do you offer a discount for Non-Profit Organizations or Educational Bodies?

    For further discount information please contact OPPTIMO marketing team via [email protected]


  • How long should an OPPTIMO password be?

    All the passwords should be at least 8 characters in length.

  • How do we change our time-zone?

    OPPTIMO enables you to change the time zone.

  • If I forget or lose my password, can I recover my account?

    Yes. Click on "Forget Password" link in login window. Enter your email address and click on "Submit" button. You will receive an email containing your new password.

  • What is the difference between creating a user and inviting a user?

    Create User & Invite User options are available ONLY for 'Admin' & 'Manager' level users. When creating a user, you need to record more detail about the user to create an account. But when inviting a user, you need to enter much less detail i.e. user name, email and user type).  In the second case, all the other necessary details should be filled in by the invited user from "My Account" option.
    Therefore, "Invite User" facility is easier and more helpful, when you have to create accounts for many new users.

  • Can I view the dates I have applied for leave?

    Yes. You can use "My Leaves & Holidays" facility in the dashboard or use "My Leaves" option in the main menu.

  • Will we be notified if one of our team members requests leave?

    Yes. You will receive notification alerts once your team member applies for leave.

  • Can I feed a leave request into the system that I've forgotten to feed into it earlier?

    Yes. The 'Admin' and 'Manager' level users are allowed to feed past leave requests into the system.

  • Can we create a sub-team under a sub-team?

    Yes. It's possible for you to create as many sub-teams under sub-teams as you wish.

  • Am I allowed to add a new state type for a job?

    No. You're not allowed to add new job states as they are predefined.

  • Can I start working on a job already in "Finish" state?

    No. You aren't allowed to work on a job that is already completed and whose status has been changed to "Finish" and it will not be listed under "Projects" in "My Activities".

  • Will my To-dos & Notes be visible to the other users in the system?

    By default, all To-dos & Notes cannot be seen by anyone except the user who makes it in the first place. But, if this particular user selects another user or a job when adding To-dos & Notes, it will be shared with the selected user or users who work on the selected job.

  • Can we delete multiple users in OPPTIMO at once?

    No. You can only delete one user at a time. To view all deleted users, use option.

  • How frequently a user should update status in OPPTIMO?

    All users should update the status before they start working on a new job.

  • What is meant by "Recent Comments"?

    The term refers to the recently added comments on a task. This facility is only available for Admin & Manager type users.

  • What is the difference between 'Jobs' and 'Tasks'?

    A job is a combination of tasks. Tasks are usually the routine things performed as part of a job.

  • What is the purpose of using color-codes?

    Color-codes help you to easily identify jobs in the "Schedule" view. You can change the color-code of a particular job if you wish to do so.

  • How can we view who remain online currently?

    Go to "Status" tab and select Online Users option from "Show Only" dropdown menu.

  • How can we identify a user's current working task in job status box?

    You can identify user's current working task from the green dot in the job status box.

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