Guna Jaya Sathuta Padanama

We find OPPTIMO to be an excellent platform for managing people, projects and tasks optimally. After we started using it, we could learn instantaneously which project each one of our team was working on at any given time, the number of man-hours gone into a particular project, and the level of progress of a particular project. In fact, now it takes a much shorter time for me to prepare reports thanks to OPPTIMO.

Keeping a distributed team on the same page is no easy task, but we’re successfully handling it with OPPTIMO. Managing a distributed team in a multi-project environment is much more seamless when you can readily get an overview of what’s going on at any moment, who is responsible for one or another task, and what’s next in the pipeline. When you have this information in one central hub, you can accurately manage priorities and clearly set focus.

OPPTIMO makes collaboration easier and brings a greater sense of clarity to the entire workplace. To cut a long story short, it has transformed our workplace in amazing ways that have led to a dramatic leap in overall productivity. Thank you OPPTIMO so much for helping in so many ways to induce the profitability of our company.”

Saman Kumara
IT Consultant/ BPO Co-ordinator

Foundation of Goodness

Chamira Morawaka

OPPTIMO provides a multidimensional view to manage the work force. The simplicity of the software makes it easy to introduce to the new employees and removes the hassle of lengthy training sessions and effort needed to get familiar with the system. Delegation of people management activities to line managers such as Leave management can be carried out promptly. Real-time employee statues help line managers to monitor subordinate movements and allocation of workload thus helping the employees to maintain work-life balance. Due to the user friendliness of the system the acceptance from the users has been phenomenal.”

Chamira Morawaka
Manager - Human Resources

PACE Institute Pvt Ltd