How OPPTIMO helps your organization to be more productive?

How OPPTIMO helps your organization to be more productive

The modern workplace tends to be more complex than simple & more opaque than transparent. Even though it’s fast disappearing, the ‘visibility’ factor is more wanted today than ever. Without clear visibility among people, projects, and tasks, the workplace is clouded by confusion & chaos. This unhealthy phenomenon in the organizational eco-system stalls its progress as people can’t clearly see what one another is doing or is supposed to be doing. For example, two people do the same job unknown to each other which is an undue cost to the company. On the other hand, neither of the two does it hoping that the other will do it. The end result in contrast is zero.

Also, in an opaque workplace, communication doesn’t flow smoothly up and down the hierarchy and across the departments. As a result, both the management and the staff are constantly in the dark. Instructions get lost. Delivery times lengthen. Customers’ complaints get louder. The whole environment gets less and less trustworthy. Between the staff and the management, among the colleagues, between the company and customers, trust is weakened and relationships strain.

OPPTIMO is a comprehensive web-based Functional Management Platform on cloud with mobile compatibility that provides clear real-time visibility & optimum management of People, Projects & Tasks in the workplace in order to drive productivity & efficiency within it. Simply put, OPPTIMO enables users to add and schedule projects / tasks which can be tracked & monitored in real-time. Also, it records the total time spent on a particular project by all people working on it.

OPPTIMO further helps in streamlining and optimizing operations in the workplace through facilitating basic leave management, project milestones, use of ‘To-dos’ lists, alerts & notifications, etc. Additionally, OPPTIMO is a cost-effective SaaS Solution which has a minimal learning curve and can be quickly deployed. Accordingly, OPPTIMO brings clarity, fosters collaboration, helps detect bottlenecks and drives efficiency and overall productivity.

OPPTIMO differs markedly from a mere task management tool due to the vast scope it addresses in any given organization. Undoubtedly, OPPTIMO is the ideal solution for the employers and managers who so badly want to keep track of their people without wasting too much of their valuable time.