Remote Team Management

  • adding power to people analytics

    Big Data; Adding Power to People Analytics

    Gone are the days when deep analysis of data was limited to maths, science and research. However the mass availability of big data, which shows the way we work, buy, play and generally live our lives in digits and patterns, are being used ...

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  • Can Telecommuting Save the Planet

    Can Telecommuting Save the Planet

    To the majority of the global workforce braving their way through an ever increasing lines of traffic jams, telecommuting may seem like a dream come true, yet it is already a reality to some who are with few of ...

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  • Managing Remote Teams

    Tools for managing remote teams

    Today it is a common occurrence for members of one project team to be scattered across oceans and time zones, working at a the same collaborated task from their homes, thousand of miles apart. With the rise of virtual office and remote teams, the need for better tools and software to manage the team members has become the call of the...

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