Performance Management

  • Changing The Era

    Changing the era of annual appraisal

    As more and more twitter, facebook and whatsapp trotting millennial, seeking instant gratification and feedback joins the workforce, HR managers are changing their approach to the age...

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  • Evaluate

    Three factors for measuring employee performance

    While continuous performance tracking is a good idea and can provide instant feedback to employees stimulating instant results and change of course at work, an organisation has to consider...

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  • Creating the perfect workplace with performance management

    Creating the perfect workplace with performance management

    Praise and accolades are important to human beings of all ages and reflexive praises for doing the right things and not so right things are expected at every turn. In a culture where people expect to be rewarded at every turn the job of human resource teams and cooperate leaders at retaining employees has become more challenging than ever.

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