Increasing efficiency through seamless workplace communication

What is project management

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place” -George Bernard Shaw.

An effective stream of communication facilitates a seamless flow of information through a workplace, greatly reducing the amount of work repetition, duplication and errors committed due to misinformation. Although an undisturbed and a streamlined flow of information is essential for the efficient function of any workplace, it is one of the rarest and the most difficult to implement in most occasions.

The absence of right information and transparency leads to misunderstanding and confusion and reduces work efficiency drastically. Partial dissemination of information due to severed co-ordination lines between individuals and teams has been found to increase stress levels among employees while leading to poor work distribution, repetition of tasks and assignments.

If the members of a team lack the information and guidance to carry out an assigned task, it obviously leads to poor quality work and errors resulting in inadequate team performance.

Making sure that every member of a project team is in the same page, when it comes to information is a prerequisite for the good time and budget management of a project. However, the mounting workload and time restriction always disconnects managers and team members creating a vacuum of information, which is deadly to any project.

The use of emails and internal memorandums as the only methods of communication can be extremely time consuming and leaves a confusing trail of information behind while office-based chat systems provide no streamlined archive for the information exchanged between individuals and teams. Moreover, chat systems and emails can also pose a severe security threat, when exchanging information and files of high sensitivity and importance.

With a view to improving workplace efficiency through a clear and unbroken path of communication, many project managers and large scale organisations are seeking the help of project management software, which creates a common platform of communication at various levels with improved security and protection for sensitive and important information. Many project management tools that are available in the market facilitate horizontal and vertical distribution of information through every layer of a team or an organisation with the ability to provide each member of a team with customised access to information, as required.

Project management tools like OPPTIMO, with special in-built communication platforms to list pending tasks, current tasks and schedules create a transparent rostrum that is accessible to team members and project mangers of every department. A single glance at the status board provides the users with relevant information about the tasks performed by each member of a team, which prevents duplication of work. Team members can easily identify other members who have been designated to collaborate with them and split a common task into portions, which suit each member's capacity and talent.

OPPTIMO'S To-do lists also allow managers and team members distribute tasks between team members and schedule future workload of a project, reducing the amount of missed and forgotten tasks resulting from poor communication. Its Kanban board-like virtual structure designed for listing tasks and information has proven to be highly successful in creating a common platform of communication since it visualises the work flow and provides a simple reference. Thus, a task management software with an easy to use communication structure helps a project sail smoothly by making sure that all hands are on the deck and on the right deck.