OPPTIMO Blog - 2015

  • Changing The Era

    Changing the era of annual appraisal

    As more and more twitter, facebook and whatsapp trotting millennial, seeking instant gratification and feedback joins the workforce, HR managers are changing their approach to the age...

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  • Evaluate

    Three factors for measuring employee performance

    While continuous performance tracking is a good idea and can provide instant feedback to employees stimulating instant results and change of course at work, an organisation has to consider...

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  • People Management

    Creating a humane shift in People Management with new technology

    The role of people in the workplace has seen a vast shift of tasks during the last few decades with the role of worker and employee changing constantly with the advancement of...

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  • Effectivity

    Results Vs. Hours – what signals efficiency best?

    It is an unfortunate reality that efficiency at workplace is always interpreted on face time against the end result, leading to more and more employees spending fruitless time at workplace passing...

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  • Project Management Software

    Project Management Software for increased efficiency

    The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient...

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  • Management Skills

    Essential Skills in Project Management

    Successful Project Management requires a series of soft skills that are basically not taught at any management school and can only be acquired at the school of life over...

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  • Managing Project

    Managing Project on a Global Scale

    Outsourcing a complete project or an essential parts of a process to improve efficiency and reduce expenses is one of the most popular business practices in the 21st...

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  • Managing Remote Teams

    Tools for managing remote teams

    Today it is a common occurrence for members of one project team to be scattered across oceans and time zones, working at a the same collaborated task from their homes, thousand of miles apart. With the rise of virtual office and remote teams, the need for better tools and software to manage the team members has become the call of the...

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  • Creating the perfect workplace with performance management

    Creating the perfect workplace with performance management

    Praise and accolades are important to human beings of all ages and reflexive praises for doing the right things and not so right things are expected at every turn. In a culture where people expect to be rewarded at every turn the job of human resource teams and cooperate leaders at retaining employees has become more challenging than ever.

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  • Project Management Software for efficient communication

    Project Management Software for efficient communication

    An effective stream of communication facilitates a seamless flow of information through a workplace, greatly reducing the amount of work repetition, duplication and errors committed due to misinformation. Although an undisturbed and a streamlined flow of information is essential for the efficient function of any workplace, it is one of the rarest and the most difficult to implement in most occasions.

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  • How OPPTIMO helps your organization to be more productive?

    How OPPTIMO helps your organization to be more productive?

    The modern workplace tends to be more complex than simple & more opaque than transparent. Even though it’s fast disappearing, the ‘visibility’ factor is more wanted today than ever. Without clear visibility among people, projects, and tasks, the workplace is clouded by confusion & chaos. This unhealthy phenomenon in the organizational eco-system stalls its progress as people can’t clearly see what one another is doing or is supposed to be doing. For example, two people do the same job unknown to each other which is an undue cost to the company. On the other hand, neither of the two does it hoping that the other will do it. The end result in contrast is zero.

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